Thursday, July 6, 2017

Monsoon arrives in Barwadih

Monsoon rains have always been welcome relief. It's a photographer's delight. Whether it was NJH or Kachhwa, there were quite a many snaps.

In Barwadih, we had been quite busy. Still, got the time to take few snaps of the rains.

We thank the Lord for the rains. I hope the water table improves.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Perungalam 2017

These are snaps of our visit this year, Summer 2017. Though we were well prepared to do fishing, we did not catch any fish this year. And we took lesser snaps than last year. So, few snaps shared by the previous director, Rev. Mathews of the Retreat Centre is included (the first four).

This time we missed the boat and had to hire a local speed boat. I hope you noticed the Jharkhand origin jhola in the boat. 

That's the boat we arrived in . . . 

The boat arriving for our return journey . . .

Friday, June 30, 2017


Jharkhand has many beautiful places to visit. Netarhat is the highest point in the state. I've never visited the place, though I visit a village quite near once a month.

Today, an acquaintance send me few snaps of the place. He gave me permission to post it in my blog.

By the way, Netarhat is not more than 100 kilometres from our home in Barwadih. Along with other places worth visiting near by, Netarhat is a must visit place. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spare a thought

It has been raining all over the country. Friends and relatives from Kerala inform of the non-stop rain. There are floods in the North East. Along with parts of Tamil Nadu, our part of Jharkhand is yet to receive full fledged rains. 

This was a sad sight in our neighbourhood yesterday. 

Almost all the tubewells in the region have dried off. Many families are depending on water-tankers for their daily supply of water. 

Pray that rains will arrive soon. 

Doubtful benefits

A major group of patients who come to us are those with non- communicable diseases being treated elsewhere who just cannot bear the cost of treatment. Of course, most of the extra expenses are a result of multivitamins and latest combination drugs which are expensive.

However, I was quite surprised to meet a well off gentleman who came to me last week. He was diagnosed to have diabetes and hyperthyroidism elsewhere. He was incurring a cost of 7000 INR every month just to purchase the medicines. Doctor consultation costs and blood tests were extra. He had met another doctor who told him that there was no need for so many medicines.

He came for a second opinion.

His original treating doctor was no small man. He was a senior cardiologist in a NABH accredited hospital in a state capital city of our country.

The best I could do was to call up one of my friends in the respective speciality.

The below snap shows the medicines he had with him. In the foreground is the medicines he absolutely needs and behind it are the medicines he could do without, which has not much evidence of significant benefit.

A close up of the medicines we stopped. The protein powder and the sucralfate syrup is included.
Now, this is a patient who can afford to spend 7000 INR. One can only imagine the plight of the poor who are given a similar prescription . . .

Well, I hope you looked at the second snap, which shows the medicines he stopped a bit close . . . In that bunch of medicines, I hope you noticed Tab. Faropenem 200 mg. The gentleman was having it twice a day since the last 10 days. I could not find any evidence of any sort of infection in the papers he had nor did he give any history of the same. 

So much for evidence based medicine and the dangers of antibiotic resistance that we talk about . . .